December 24 2012, 11:50 Source: APK-Inform Views: 581

Russia: extreme frosts not led to increasing of winter crops areas losses – A.Dvorkovich

Severe frost, recently observed throughout the territory of many regions of Russia, did not led to appearing of significant losses of winter crops areas, declared Arkady Dvorkovich, Vice Prime-Minister of the Russian Federation, on December 24.

Due to the weather conditions, the current losses completely corresponded to the average traditional losses, and totaled no more and no less – nearly 8-9%, he said.

As a reminder, according to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, by the middle of December 2012 the entire winter crops areas for the harvest-2013 reached the level of 16.2 mln ha, including winter grains - 15.7 mln ha.


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