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Ukraine: ongoing loading of vessels with wheat in the ports is memorandum conditions outrage

The Ministry of Agrarian Police and Food of Ukraine demanded from the Ukrainian traders the strict observance of the conditions of memorandum on the available exports of grain from Ukraine in the current season. This was declared by Ivan Bisyuk, First Deputy Head of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

The reason of the stated declaration are the current facts on the continuing loading of the vessels with wheat by the certain trading companies in the Ukrainian ports.

Thus as of to date there is the vessel being loaded with wheat in Nikolaev (since December 24), another one is in Illichevsk (since November 18 company Kernel Trade) and another one is in Kherson (since January 21), specified Borisyuk.

The Deputy Head also added that there should not be problems with shipping of Kernel Trade vessels, the stated volume of wheat was purchased during the public sales initiated by the Agrarian Fund of Ukraine and may be exported.

As for loadings in Nikolayev and Kherson, these are memorandum outrages and the Ministry will apply maximum efforts to leave the vessels in Ukraine, underlined Borisyuk.

As for further situation development on the exports market of Ukrainian grain, I.Borisyuk stated the details will be known by the end of March – beginning of April, when the situation with winter crops is clear.


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