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Ways of increase of the Black Sea grains and oils imports to Morocco – discussion of experts

Within the Eighth International Trading Summit: Grains & Oilseeds 2013 (March 6-7, Casablanca, Morocco) there is the closed-door thematic discussion on: «Prospects of development of imports of Black Sea grain and vegoils to Morocco».

The discussion is oriented on the directors of the largest state and private export/ import oriented companies, and also the inspection and juridical organizations. The topics of discussion are:

- features of the market of Morocco and growing of demand on the agricultural commodities imports;

- agricultural commodities imports to Morocco: widening of geography supplies;

- how to arrange the direct supplies between the exports from the Black Sea region and imports from Maghreb;

- qualitative demands, juridical features of work on the market of Morocco

As a reminder, the sponsor of the Conference, organized by APK-Inform Agency is AGA Partners Law Firm. Meanwhile, the National Federation of Millers of Morocco, Italian Flour Millers Association ITALMOPA, Ukrainian Grain Association, Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, the Association "Ukroliyaprom", the Iranian Association of vegetable oils producers, and the Iranian cooperative of oilseeds and vegetable oils processors provide support to the International Trading Summit: Grains & Oilseeds 2013.


As of to date nearly 50 companies from 15 countries confirmed their participation in the event.

You can get more details about terms of participation in the event by asking to the marketing department of АPК-Inform Agency:

+380 562 320-795 (ext.163)

e-mail: [email protected] , [email protected]

Note the participation in the discussion is by invitation only due to the limited number of places.


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