Chinese government importer of Ukrainian sunflower oil to attend AOCS World Market Update in Kiev




Government owned company China Sinopharm International Corporation, the largest importer of the Black Sea sunflower oil in China, which contracted more than 60 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil from Ukraine in 2012, to visit AOCS World Market Update in Kiev, Ukrainian House Conference and Expo Center, April 3-4.

Chinese demand for the Ukrainian SFO is increasing quickly. From the 8th largest importer of Ukrainian sunflower oil in 2011/12 MY, during 2 month of the 2012/13 MY China became the 4th largest importer of the commodity from Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Chinese government and Ukrainian government reached the inspection agreement about maize in November 2012, and are considering the sign the inspection agreement about barley. Chinese demand for the Ukrainian agriculture products will keep growing quickly, and China may become the largest market for the Ukrainian agriculture products in the nearest future.

Detailed information abo11ut the prospects of imports of Ukrainian sunflower oil to China will be given in the presentation of the general manager of China Sinopharm International Corporation Ms. LIU LILI “The Chinese sunflower seed oil market and the importing policy: domestic market demand, production, consumption, and import/inspection policies”. Sinopharm knows the Chinese market and the importing policy very well, and will share all secrets with you.

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