In 2012/13 MY, exports of sunflower oil from the Black Sea region to decrease – APK-Inform Agency




In 2011/12 MY the Black Sea market of sunflower oil reached the record levels both in terms of production volumes, and export volumes of the product. At the same time, mainly Russia and Ukraine provided the major growth rates. So, in the season-2011/12 these countries exported 3.3 mln tonnes and 1.4 mln tonnes of crude sunflower oil, respectively, declared Anna Platonova, Head of oilseed markets department of APK-Inform Agency, on April 4 during her speech at the international conference "AOCS Oils and Fats World Market Update 2013" in Kiev.

She clarified that in 2011/12 MY the record high export volumes were mainly achieved at the expense of increasing the volume of sunflower oil production - to 3.7 mln tonnes (Ukraine), and 3.6 mln tonnes (Russia).

Besides, A.Platonova said that in 2012/13 MY Ukraine will keep its leading position in the world exports of sunflower oil. According to the forecast of APK-Inform Agency, the country will export 3.05 mln tonnes of the product (nearly 53% of the general world exports of sunflower oil). At the same time, the share of Russian exports of sunflower oil will fall to 1 mln tonnes (nearly 16% of the world exports).

While speaking on the forecasted production volumes of sunflower oil in Ukraine and Russia in the current season, A.Platonova said that they will decrease compared with the record indices of last season - to 3.5 mln tonnes, and 3.3 mln tonnes, respectively.