April 4 2013, 12:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1521

Russia: North Caucasian and Southern Federal Districts planted spring crops throughout 634.6 thsd ha – Ministry of Agriculture

Agricultural enterprises of the North Caucasian and Southern Federal Districts of Russia planted spring crops throughout the areas of 634.6 thsd ha (1.2%), declared the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. Stavropol Krai showed the largest planted areas - 240.3 thsd ha, Krasnodar Krai - 183.6 thsd ha, and Rostov oblast – 114.5 thsd ha.

Also, Krasnodar Krai started planting sunflower seed, and currently planted the oilseed throughout 3.7 thsd ha.

According to operative data of the regions, agrarians provided additional fertilizing throughout 5.5 mln ha (34.7% of the areas) of winter grains, up 2.8 mln ha compared with 2012. Generally, nearly 14 mln ha of winter grain crops, or 88.2% of the planted areas, were in good and satisfactory condition.


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