Ukraine: situation with exports of sunflower oil to China is uncertain




On April 3, Stepan Kapshuk, General Director of the Association "Ukroliyaprom", reported about the existing difficulties with deliveries of Ukrainian sunflower oil to China during his speech at the conference "AOCS Oils and Fats World Market Update 2013".

He specified that the main problem is that China refuses to purchase the Ukrainian product without presence of the phytosanitary certificate, which is not envisaged by the legislation of Ukraine.

In Ukraine the certificate applies to agricultural crops only. Vegetable oils are not included to the list of these crops, said S.Kapshuk.

Besides, he said, China does not specify the parameters determining the required phytosanitary standards for sunflower oil, and the issuance of the document will be available only after a request from the country-importer.