Ukraine: improving of the infrastructure allowed to significantly increase shipment of sunflower oil volumes




During the recent decade, Ukraine made the significant breakthrough in the field of transshipment of sunflower oil, primarily through construction of new high-tech terminals in the sea port, declared Mikhail Listrov, Head of the vegetable oil shipment department of Ilyichevsk Grain Terminal, on April 3 during his speech at the International Conference "AOCS Oils and Fats World Market Update 2013".

Since 2000, there is observed the rapid development of terminals for transshipment of sunflower oil in the main sea ports of Ukraine. The capacities for production of sunflower oil continued growing in parallel. Also, it should be noted that sunflower seed is one of the most profitable agricultural crops in Ukraine. These factors led to the fact that the exports of sunflower oil from Ukraine increased from the level of 580 thsd tonnes in 2000, to the record of 3.24 mln tonnes in 2012, and continues growing. During several recent years, Ukraine became the world leading exporter of sunflower oil on the international markets, which would not be achieved without the well-developed port facilities, said the speaker.

M.Listrov also said that to date there are 11 specialized facilities in the ports of Ukraine for shipment of sunflower oil with the general simultaneous capacities of nearly 500 thsd tonnes. At the same time, the terminals Ilyichevsk and Nikolayev ports are the major leaders - they cover nearly 90% of the general exports of these products.

While speaking about the prospects of development of the infrastructure in the reporting segment, the expert said that to date there are 3 terminals in the design and construction stage - two terminals in the port Yuzhny (Allseeds and Risoil) with the project storing capacity of nearly 60 thsd tonnes each, and the terminal of Ilyichevsk Grain Terminal (30 thsd tonnes).