September 24 2013, 14:20 Source: APK-Inform Views: 394

Belarus harvested 7.538 mln tonnes of grains

As of September 24, Belarus already prepared 1.393 mln ha of planted areas (97%) for winter crops planting campaign. Agrarians planted winter grains throughout 1.077 mln ha, or 75% of the plan, informed the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Belarus.

Also, agrarians still continued providing the grain harvesting campaign, and already produced 7.538 mln tonnes of grains (including maize).

Thus, as of the reporting date agrarians harvested buckwheat throughout 20.3 thsd ha (67.8%), and produced 28.6 thsd tonnes of the grain with the yield of 1.41 t/ha.

Agrarians harvested 20.2 thsd tonnes of millet throughout 8.4 thsd ha (72.8%), with the average yield of 2.41 t/ha.

Belarus harvested maize for grain throughout 39.9 thsd ha (14.7%), and produced 300.9 thsd tonnes of the grain with the yield of 7.54 t/ha.


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