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State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine purchased 3 mln tonnes of grains from agrarians

Since the beginning of 2013 PJSC State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine already purchased 3 mln tonnes of grains from agrarians, declared Robert Brovdi, First Deputy Chairman of the Corporation, on December 20.

In particular, the Corporation purchased 1 mln tonnes of grains at forward contracts and 2 mln tonnes at spot contracts. Maize formed more than 58% (1.75 mln tonnes) of the general volumes of purchased grains by the Corporation, wheat - 35% (1.05 mln tonnes), barley, soybeans, buckwheat, rye and other crops - 7%.

According to him, the purchasing programs of the company covered every region of Ukraine. Agrarians of Odessa, Kharkiv, Kirovograd, Poltava and Vinnitsa oblasts supplied the largest volumes of grains to the Corporation. The general sum, which was received by domestic agrarians for selling of grain volumes to the Corporation, totaled more than 4.03 bln UAH, said R.Brovdi.

Despite the fact that 2013 was the debut for the Corporation in realizing of large-scale grain purchases, the company managed to effectively enter the market.

Generally, the Corporation successfully met its purchasing plans for 2013. At the same time, there were realized several important tasks: the company completed its program on financial support of agrarians, loaded the storing capacities of linear and port elevators, provided the raw materials to the processing industry, formed grain balance for the exports on foreign markets, said the First Deputy Chairman of the Corporation.

At the same time, R.Brovdi noted that the Corporation will not stop the purchasing activities on the domestic market. The company will continue purchasing grains of the harvest-2013 on spot terms until the end of the marketing year (June 2014), and since February 2014 the company will start concluding forward contracts for wheat and maize of the harvest-2014.


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