January 10 2014, 09:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 685

Russia: over 95% of winter grain crops were in good and satisfactory condition - Ministry of Agriculture

To date the condition of winter grain areas throughout 9.6 mln ha (65.4% of the general planted areas) in Russia was estimated as good, and 4.36 mln ha (29.7%) - as satisfactory, declared Denis Paspekov, Acting director of the department of crop production, chemicals and plant protection of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, on January 9.

D.Paspekov also specified that the reporting data corresponded to the average long-term indices.

In the first 10-day period of January 2014 the established weather and climatic conditions throughout the territory of the Volga Federal District were generally favorable for wintering of grain crops. The condition of winter crops in Krasnodar and Stavropol Krais, Rostov and Volgograd oblasts did not cause any serious concerns, said the official.

At the same time, D.Paspekov noted the lack of snow cover in a number of areas of the Central District, and the abnormally warm weather may lead to the losses of winter crops in terms of the possible cooling in the future (to -12-15º C).


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