January 10 2014, 11:10 Source: APK-Inform Views: 573

Ukraine: exports of sunflower seed decreased in 9 times – Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation

In September-December of 2013/14 MY Ukraine exported 7.5 thsd tonnes of sunflower seed, a decrease of 9 times compared with the same period last season, declared Sergey Stoyanov, General Director of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, on January 9.

According to him, increasing of the competition for raw materials between oilseed processors caused reduction of the export volumes, as in the current season there is the deficit of sunflower seed volumes in Ukraine as the raw material for oil-extraction plants, at the level of 40% or 4 mln tonnes.

However, the gap will be partly covered at the expense of soybean processing at the level of 1 mln tonnes, by a number of Ukrainian soybean processing plants, said S.Stoyanov.

As for rapeseed, due to the economic inefficiency of its processing (including falling of the production capacities by 30%) in Ukraine, almost all produced oilseed volumes are exported. So, in July-December period of 2013 Ukraine already exported almost 2 mln tonnes of rapeseed from the harvested volumes of 2.3 mln tonnes.


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