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In 2013/14 MY Asia is the main market for Ukrainian maize

In the beginning of 2013/14 MY the Ukrainian maize, strengthening its positions as the main export item of the domestic grain market, was characterized with rather high rates of shipments, and increasing of the share of exports to Asian countries. Thus, during only two months of the current MY (October-November) Ukraine supplied nearly 1.4 mln tonnes of maize to the countries of East and Southeast Asia, up almost 24 times compared with the same period of 2012/13 MY (58.8 thsd tonnes).

At the same time, the share of maize supply to the reporting direction totaled 31% from the general exports of the grain in the reporting period. The previous major importers - EU countries - reduced purchases of maize from Ukraine in 1.4 times, and during 2 months of the season the importers purchased 30% of maize export supplies, against 72% in the same period last season.

In October-November of 2013 South Korea became the major Asian importer of Ukrainian maize, and purchased 15% of the exported grain volumes, Japan – 11%, and China - 2%. In the same period of 2012/13 MY Ukraine realized maize supplies to Japan only, which formed 2% of the general exports of the grain.

According to analysts of APK-Inform Agency, in the future there should be expected an increase of the rates of Ukrainian maize supply primarily to China, due to both the obligations under the intergovernmental credit agreement, and reduction of grain purchases from the USA by China. According to the company Shanghai JC Intelligence Co. Ltd, at the end of 2013 there was observed a massive return of US maize parties due to detecting of genetically modified features.

According to the updated forecasts of APK-Inform Agency, maize production in Ukraine is estimated at 27.8 mln tonnes, and the export potential - 18.5 mln tonnes. Thus, in terms of the rapid growth of grain production in Ukraine and export orientation of its sale, Ukrainian maize has an excellent chance to strengthen its market positions in China and other countries of East and Southeast Asia.

You can become acquainted with more detailed data about the future prospects of Ukrainian grain exports to Asian countries, by taking part in the first international conference "Ukrainian grain to the world!", organized by APK-Inform Agency and Ukrainian Grain Association, which to be held on March 2-4, 2014, in Hong Kong.


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