January 21 2014, 09:50 Source: APK-Inform Views: 713

Black Sea grain pool to develop the export logistics infrastructure – N.Fedorov

The Black Sea grain committee, which Russia plans to found together with Ukraine and Kazakhstan, will not only inform the countries on the world market trends, but also deal with development of the general export logistics infrastructure, declared Nikolai Fedorov, Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, on January 18.

According to him, to date the Government is intensively working on the reporting project. It involves not just foundation of the new institution, coordinating, informing, notifying about development of the world grain market, its export potential, but also creation of the modern, competitive logistic structure, expanding of the terminals, ports, motor roads to the ports, in order to make Russia, Ukraine and their equal partner Kazakhstan to reach more solid positions.

He reminded that to date the reporting three countries occupy nearly 20% of the world grain market. And they can reach the level of at least 30% of the world grain exports through the grain pool foundation, said N.Fedorov.


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