January 29 2014, 12:00 Source: APK-Inform Views: 559

In March-April Russia may increase the rates of grain exports – Rusagrotrans

In March-April period of 2014 Russia may increase the rates of grain exports due to reducing of domestic prices for the commodities, announced analysts of CJSC Rusagrotrans on January 28.

In February 2013 Russia will not provide any significant rise of export volumes – the index will total nearly 1 mln tonnes, informed the experts.

It also reported that in the period of January 1-18, Russia exported 589 thsd tonnes of grains only, down 2 times compared with the same period last month (1.13 mln tonnes).

In particular, wheat volumes formed 57% of the exports - 333.4 thsd tonnes, barley - 4% (23.9 thsd tonnes), maize - 37% (218.6 thsd tonnes).

It is expected that in January 2014 Russia will export 1-1.1 mln tonnes of grains. The volume of grain exports through the deep-sea ports may reach 734 thsd tonnes, the analysts said.


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