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Russia: in 2013 grain imports through the ports of Krasnodar Krai increased by 20%

In 2013, the imports of grains and its by-products through the sea ports of Krasnodar Krai of the Russian Federation totaled more than 86 thsd tonnes, an increase of 20% compared with the previous year, declared the regional administration of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor) on January 30.

In 2013 groats formed the major share in the structure of imports to the region, and in particular rice groats from 13 countries formed the volume of 62.6 thsd tonnes, informed Rosselkhoznadzor.

Thailand (11.1 thsd tonnes), Vietnam (14.4 thsd tonnes), Myanmar (12.1 thsd tonnes) and Pakistan (12 thsd tonnes) were the largest suppliers of the commodity.

Grains, pulses and oilseeds occupied the second position in the rating, and the import volumes reached 22.4 thsd tonnes. The import volumes of phaseolus – 9 thsd tonnes, and sunflower seed – 6.4 thsd tonnes, formed the most significant contribution to the imports.

In 2013 the imports of mixed feed and its components decreased in almost 3 times compared with the previous year, and totaled slightly more than 1 thsd tonnes. Soybean meal from Argentina formed almost 70% of the reporting volume.


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