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In 2013 Ukraine exported grains at the sum of over 6 bln USD – Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine

In 2013 Ukraine supplied grain volumes on foreign markets at the sum of 6.4 bln USD, declared the press-service of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine on February 6.

In particular, in the reporting period Ukraine exported maize and wheat volumes at the sum of 5.7 bln USD, or 89% of the general exports of grains from the country.

Ukraine exported the major grain volumes to Egypt - 1 bln USD, Spain - 543.3 mln USD, Saudi Arabia – 355.8 mln USD, Iran - 334.1 mln USD.

At the same time, in 2013 the imports of grains to Ukraine totaled 306.5 mln USD. In particular, the imports of maize occupied the leading position, which sum totaled 255.1 mln USD, and rice imports - 39 mln USD.

In 2013 Ukraine mainly imported grains from France - at 68.4 mln USD, Hungary - 66.9 mln USD, Pakistan - 13.2 mln USD, and Vietnam - 11.4 mln USD.


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