February 7 2014, 13:00 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1654

Russia increased chickpeas production

During recent 5 years Russia significantly increased the planted areas under such agricultural crop, as chickpeas. According to APK-Inform data, the reporting planted areas increased from the level of 93.9 thsd ha in 2008 to 395 thsd ha in 2012. According to the market operators, the current trend is caused by rather high profitability of the crop production and its good export potential. Such countries as Turkey, India, Egypt, Jordan, and many others showed active demand for Russian chickpeas.

The reporting crop also has a number of production advantages: firstly, chickpea is a good precursor for most grains and oilseeds, and secondly, chickpeas has high drought resistance, which is quite important for southern regions of the country.


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