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Russia: first year in the WTO not had any significant impact on the agricultural sector - Ministry of Agriculture

The first year of membership in the WTO did not provide any significant impact on the condition of the Russian agricultural sector, declared Nikolai Fedorov, Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, on February 6.

According to N.Fedorov, in 2013 the imports of agricultural commodities, raw materials and food to Russia increased by 3.7%.

At the same time, in 2012 the import index decreased by 5.1%, i.e. during two years of operation under the WTO terms the import index decreased by nearly 1.5%, said the Minister.

The exports of agricultural raw materials decreased by 6.7%, against some rise of 25% in 2012. In 2012 the export growing was caused by the aftermath of cancellation the export ban on grains in 2011, the Minister said.


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