February 7 2014, 17:00 Source: APK-Inform Views: 794

Ukraine: soybeans and rapeseed show the most intense growth of harvest volumes among agricultural crops

During the recent 10-year period soybeans and rapeseed showed the most intensive growth of production volumes in Ukraine among other agricultural crops, while in 2004 the general harvest volumes of these oilseeds totaled nearly 500 thsd tonnes. In the reporting period the production volumes of soybeans and rapeseed increased in 10 times! Thus, in 2013 the harvest volumes of these two oilseeds exceeded the level of 5 mln tonnes, including 2.4 mln tonnes of rapeseed and 2.8 mln tonnes of soybeans, informed analysts of APK-Inform.

First of all, high demand for oilseeds on both domestic and foreign markets became the main factor contributing to such growth of production volumes. Thus, in the reporting period the volumes of soybean domestic processing increased to 950 thsd tonnes, expected in the season-2013/14, against 185 thsd tonnes in 2004/05 MY. In turn, the soybean exports may rise in almost 39 times, to 1.4 mln tonnes in 2013/14 MY. As for rapeseed, the oilseed still remains the export-oriented agricultural crop, while in the period of 2004/05-2013/14 MY the growth of rapeseed exports is expected at 27 times.


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