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Delta Wilmar CIS celebrates the completion of the sunflower seed crushing plant construction

1January 30, 2014 was noted for Delta Wilmar CIS with the celebrations on the occasion of the completion of sunflower seed crushing plant construction. At the moment, the plant can process 1,200 tonnes of oilseeds per day. The ceremony was attended by Alexei Eremitsa, the Deputy Governor of Odessa region, Vladimir Nowatskiy, Mayor of Yuzhny city, Dhruba Charan Panda, the Chairman of the Board of Delta Wilmar CIS, as well as Vladislav Talah, acting General Director of Delta Wilmar CIS.

It is worth noting that the plant uses the latest technology and equipment from manufacturers such as Europa Crown, CPM, Buhler, Siemens, Vyncke, which allows to reduce the environmental pollution and to preserve the ecology of the Black Sea. Modern laboratory ensures quality control of sunflower seed, oil and meal at all stages of production, also husk boiler improves energy efficiency as uses such sunflower seed by-product as husk.

Before the 2013/14 MY Delta Wilmar CIS was among of the largest traders in Ukraine in the category of sunflower oil, herewith from the current season company can provide its customers with oil of own production. Company’s storage capacity of crude sunflower oil accounts for 50 thsd. tonnes. In such a way, the project of creation of business combining both palm and sunflower seed industries came into life in Ukraine.

The complex for transshipment, transportation and processing of crude vegetable oils of “Delta Wilmar CIS” in Yuzhny along with sunflower seed processing plant double their contribution to the stable development of the fat-and-oil industry of Ukraine. It is also important to note that construction of the new plant created more new jobs for Odessa and Odessa region. Constantly introducing innovative technology, Delta Wilmar CIS increases the money turnover in the budget of the country and develops mutually beneficial partnerships with enterprises of Ukraine, Europe and CIS countries.


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