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Ukraine: improved management of agricultural enterprises to ensure the growth of profitability of crop production

 To date, the agricultural industry of Ukraine is represented as the intensively developing segment of the economy, forming rather significant share of the country's gross domestic product. According to the State Statistics Service, in 2012 the general agricultural production in Ukraine formed nearly 16% of GDP, or 223.2 bln UAH. At the same time, the plant growing commodities formed 67% (149.2 bln UAH), and animal husbandry - 33% (74 bln UAH), in the gross production of the segment. The growth of profit in the reporting segment confirms the intensive development of the agricultural industry, which during three recent seasons increased by almost 56%, and reached 27 bln UAH. It should be noted that the sum of profit received by agricultural enterprises, formed 75% of the total value, and reached 20.2 bln UAH. In particular, crop growing enterprises received 84% of the reporting profit (17 bln UAH). Therefore, the net profit in the plant growing segment reached 63% of the general profit of the agricultural industry.

According to experts of APK-Inform Agency, there are several key factors, which will contribute to the further development of the agricultural sector of the country. Primarily, it is provision of the strategic management of agricultural enterprises with adequate forecasting and understanding, when and what products are more in demand. Secondly, to date it is quite important to improve technical management of agricultural enterprises, which will allow optimizing the production, establishing high-quality accounting and reducing unpredictable charges. And the third major task for agricultural production is improvement of the infrastructure, which allows reducing the losses to keep the production level without losing qualitative indices, and also quickly ensure the formation and movement of trade flows. Only in terms of the successful solution of the reporting problems, there can be expected some increasing of the profitability of agricultural commodities production, and it is natural that most of the profit will be spent on improving the level of agricultural technologies and increase the yield of the main agricultural crops.


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