February 11 2014, 13:10 Source: APK-Inform Views: 854

Russia: formation of the Far East grain corridor is the prospective idea – A.Dvorkovich

 The idea of creation of the Far East grain corridor in Russia is quite prospective and realisable, declared Arkady Dvorkovich, Vice-Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, on February 11.

According to him, the grain export prospects in Russia are good enough, provided by all available plans on agricultural development. He also said that to date a number of Russian companies are negotiating with foreign investors, including Japanese ones, for the further development of the project.

The Vice-Prime Minister expressed the view that in the future the grain shipment volumes can even double, in terms that all plans of the direction to be realized.

Some grain flows can be supplied on the markets of the Asia-Pacific region, it is necessary to create additional logistical capacity to fulfill the plans. A number of companies, including United Grain Company, are interested to actively develop such plans, stressed A.Dvorkovich.


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