February 12 2014, 17:20 Source: APK-Inform Views: 796

In 2013 Russia reduced wheat exports - Federal Customs Service

In 2013 Russia reduced the exports of wheat and meslin by 14% compared with the same period of the previous year - to 13.79 mln tonnes, declared the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation on February 12.

According to the announcement, in monetary terms the reduction of wheat exports totaled 30% - to the level of 3.483 bln USD.

Russia exported the major share of wheat - 12.98 mln tonnes at the sum of 3.27 bln USD - to far-abroad countries.

According to the the Federal Customs Service, in the reporting period the imports of wheat and maize to the Russian Federation increased in 3.3 times (to 890 thsd tonnes, at 207 mln USD), and up 35.2% (to 55.3 thsd tonnes, at 207 mln USD), respectively. At the same time, last year Russia reduced foreign purchases of barley by 55% - to 290.8 thsd tonnes.


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