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Russia purchased 3.57 mln tonnes of grains to the intervention fund - Ministry of Agriculture

During the period of grain purchasing interventions in Russia since October 15, 2013, to February 18, 2014, the volume of stock-exchange deals totaled 610 thsd tonnes at the sum of 3.573 bln RUR, including 308.6 thsd tonnes of 3-grade wheat, 112.3 thsd tonnes of 4-grade wheat, 46.8 thsd tonnes of 5-grade wheat, 142.3 thsd tonnes of feed barley. The weighted average prices of grain sales by agricultural commodity producers to the intervention fund varied within 4999 RUR/t for feed barley to 6220 RUR/t for 3-grade wheat, declared the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation on February 20.

According to the announcement, agricultural producers of Omsk oblast (219.8 thsd tonnes), Altai Krai (172.5 thsd tonnes) and Krasnoyarsk Krai (133.5 thsd tonnes) provided the largest volumes of grain sales to the intervention fund. Agricultural producers of Novosibirsk oblast sold 82.4 thsd tonnes of milling and feed grains.

According to the Department of regulation of agricultural markets, fishing and food processing industry of the Ministry of Agriculture, realizing of the purchasing interventions had a regulating effect on the grain market in the Asian part of Russia, the decline of grain prices since the beginning of the exchange trading already stopped, the prices increased and became higher than the prices established in the intervention fund.

The completed public purchasing interventions allowed to support agricultural commodity producers, and provide the required profitability from grain sales, and became one of the sources of funding for the spring field works in the current year, informed the press-service of the Ministry.


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