February 26 2014, 14:20 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1074

Russia to continue negotiations with Ukraine on foundation of the Black Sea grain pool – N.Fedorov

Russia will continue negotiating with Ukraine on foundation of the Black Sea grain committee (pool), despite the current political difficulties in the country, declared Nikolai Fedorov, Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, on February 21.

There is the agreement in principle of three countries and heads of the government that the reporting institution, the Black Sea grain committee, is useful. To date experts and industry ministers still continue realizing orders of the Heads of Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine to found such association, said the Minister.

To date experts still continue working at the project, and the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia continues coordinating the draft memorandum. But due to temporary complications in the Ukrainian government, the process was stopped for a while, said the Minister.

According to him, Ukraine did not stop working in the reporting direction, but to date the Ukrainian government can not accept political decisions yet.


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