February 28 2014, 12:10 Source: APK-Inform Views: 795

Ukraine: export orientation of the markets and consolidation of land resources determine development of the plant growing industry

Analysts of APK-Inform Agency forecasted that in 2013/14 MY Ukraine will export nearly 49% of the harvested volumes of grains, and 23% of oilseeds. At the same time, the forecasted export volume of rapeseed will total 93% of its production, soybean – 52%, and sunflower oil - 89%. These indices show the clear export orientation of the reporting market segments, which determines their further development rates.

During recent years consolidation of land resources became the other factor contributing to an increase of the production volumes of grains and oilseeds in Ukraine. For example, in 2013 nearly 175 agricultural enterprises, operating land banks of more than 10 thsd ha, worked in Ukraine, whereas in 2006 there were nearly 52 such enterprises.


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