March 4 2014, 12:50 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1872

In case of imposition of the sanctions by the USA, Russia to start using other foreign currencies - Presidential adviser

In the case of imposition of the sanctions by the USA, Russia will be forced to use other foreign currencies, in order to create its own settlement and payment system, declared Sergey Glazyev, Adviser of the President of the Russian Federation, on March 4.

According to him, Russia has the excellent trading relations with partners in the eastern and southern countries, and Russia will find a way not only to reset the financial dependence on the USA, but come out of the sanctions with even great advantage, said S.Glazyev. The attempt to announce sanctions against Russia will lead to the collapse of the US financial system, which will deny domination of the USA in the global financial system, he said.

In addition, possible imposition of the sanctions against the government agencies of Russia will force the country to recognize impossibility of repayment of credits to the US banks.

If the sanctions are applied against the state structures, Russia will be forced to actually recognize the impossibility to return the US credits. Any sanction is a double-edged weapon, and if the USA freeze our assets, therefore the liabilities of our organizations in USD will also be frozen, he said.


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