March 5 2014, 13:20 Source: APK-Inform Views: 2244

Ukraine: all enterprises of Creative Group continue stable working

All enterprises of Creative Group - 9 plants, 8 elevator complexes, crop growing farms and one livestock complex - continue working according to the plan, declared the press-service of the company on March 4.

The agro-industrial group continues cooperating with all partners in Ukraine, and exporting commodities to more than 25 countries.

According to Yuri Davydov, Chairman of the group of companies, Creative Group is aware of the responsibility that the Ukrainian business has to date: the further economic situation in the country and welfare of every Ukrainian, depend on the business. The agricultural sector is the budget-forming industry in the country, and all market participants should do everything possible to continue full operation and realization of the planned projects. Creative Group will continue developing the strategic product lines and stimulate investment inflow to the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine.

Creative Group is the leading Ukrainian integrated agro-industrial company and one of the largest producers of agricultural products in Ukraine. It produces fats and margarines, sunflower oil and meal, soybean meal and oil and biofuel pellets and is engaged in agriculture, particularly farming and livestock breeding.


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