March 5 2014, 14:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1340

Ukraine can annually export 0.5 mln tonnes of flour – expert

To date Ukraine can annually export nearly 0.5 mln tonnes of flour, in terms of observance of all requirements of the recipients of the commodity, declared Andrei Yakovenko, General Director of SE Novopokrovsky Bakery Products Plant, on March 4 during his presentation at the first international conference "Ukrainian grain to the world!".

As for the prospects of Ukrainian flour supply to the countries of East and Southeast Asia, A.Yakovenko noted relatively high interest of importers of the reporting regions in the commodity.

The consumers from Asia, particularly Malaysia and Thailand, are considering options for mixed fodder imports from Ukraine, and Ukrainian grain-processing enterprises are almost ready for such work, said the speaker. He also added that Ukrainian enterprises are optimistic about the prospect of increasing the supply of flour to China and other countries of the region, because the current low costs for flour supplies to the port Dalian total 60 USD/t.


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