March 6 2014, 10:40 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1993

Unstable situation in Ukraine contributes to increasing of the export volumes of Russian grains – Rusagrotrans

The unstable political situation in Ukraine resulted in growth of the world grain prices and decline of the RUR/USD exchange rates, assist to increase the volume of foreign supplies of Russian grains, declared Igor Pavensky, Deputy Director of the strategic management department of Rusagrotrans CJSC.

According to the export, the reporting factors allow obtaining the relatively high profitability of grain export trading. In terms of the current export and domestic prices, the supply of wheat to the deep-sea ports from the Black Earth region and southern regions becomes highly profitable. The maize exports faces the similar situation, explained the expert.

I.Pavensky added that according to preliminary estimations, the general volume of grains exported from Russia in February 2014 totaled almost 1.3 mln tonnes, which exceeds the previous forecast of the company (1.2 mln tonnes).

In particular, in February 2014 Russia exported 812 thsd tonnes of wheat (64% of the general grain exports), 16 thsd tonnes of barley (1%), nearly 420 thsd tonnes of maize (33%), said the expert. The current export dynamics allows increasing the forecast of Russian grain export volumes in March 2014 to 1.4-1.5 mln tonnes, against 1.3 mln tonnes of the previous forecast.


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