March 6 2014, 11:50 Source: APK-Inform Views: 942

Ukraine: talks about the risk of drought are premature – Hydrometeorological center

To date the condition of winter crops in Ukraine does not inspire any fear, declared Tatiana Adamenko, Head of the department of agrometeorology of the Hydrometeorological center of Ukraine, on March 6.

According to her, in the winter months there was observed some deficit of precipitation. In certain oblasts of the steppe and forest-steppe zones of Ukraine it reached 50%, which is quite rare. Nevertheless, all winter precipitations in the current year were almost completely absorbed by the soil. Therefore, to date there is not any catastrophe with the moisture provision of crops, said the expert.

T.Adamenko also added that in March -early April the Hydrometeorological center does not expect for a significant increasing of precipitations throughout the territory of Ukraine.

Nevertheless, the weather in the reporting period will remain lukewarm, without intense heat rise. The humidity level will remain high enough, some rains are expected. Therefore, any talks about the danger of droughts are premature, said T.Adamenko.

Also, she noted that the level of the soil moisture content throughout almost the entire territory of Ukraine is sufficient to provide vegetation of the crops planted areas for at least one month.


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