March 7 2014, 13:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 2190

Political situation not influence the export rates of Ukrainian grains - APK-Inform

According to the operative data, despite the difficult political situation in Ukraine, in February 2014 the country exported over 2.3 mln tonnes of grains and pulses, which became the record for the month period. Previously, only in 2008/09 MY Ukraine reached the maximum volumes of the February export shipments of grains, which totaled 2.1 mln tonnes.

Maize formed the major share in the structure of grain exports - 85%, or almost 2 mln tonnes. Wheat formed nearly 12% of the general grain exports, at the volume of over 287 thsd tonnes.

As for the shipment structure by the ports, in February 2014 the terminals of the Odessa port zone supplied nearly 58.5% of the grain export volumes on foreign markets, the terminals of Nikolayev oblast – 32.2%, and the terminals of Sevastopol - 3.6%.

In March 2014 Ukraine also provides export shipments of grains in the previously forecasted rates - since March 1 the volume of shipments already totaled nearly 290 thsd tonnes.

Thus, since the beginning of 2013/14 MY (July 1) Ukraine already exported 24 mln tonnes of grains and pulses, which is 76% of the export potential, estimated by analysts of APK-Inform Agency at the level of 31.7 mln tonnes.


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