March 10 2014, 11:20 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1679

Customs Union to work out the further cooperation with Ukraine – V.Putin

The current situation in Ukraine may adversely affect the market of the Customs Union. Therefore, there is the urgent need to provide the required measures to protect commodity producers and exporters of the countries-members of the Customs Union, declared Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, on March 5.

Ukraine is the key economic partner of the Customs Union. There are strong industrial and trade relations, Ukraine is also included to the free trade zone of the CIS. The extraordinary situation in Ukraine is a serious concern. There are possible negative consequences for the market of the Customs Union, V.Putin said.

According to him, the countries-members of the Customs Union need to work out possible measures to protect the domestic market, and discuss some parameters for the further cooperation with Ukraine.


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