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Kazakhstan: sea port Aktau sent the first batch of grains by the bulk carrier

The Republican State Enterprise Aktau International Sea Commercial Port sent the first batch of grains by the Kazakh bulk carrier Turkestan, informed the press-service of JSC National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ) on March 7.

On March 5 the bulk carrier started loading wheat for transportation of 5 thsd tonnes of the grains for exports, declared Mikhail Yalbachev, Executive Director of JSC KTZ Express, ship captain. On March 8 Turkestan put out to the sea, and on March 10 the vessel is planned to start unloading grains in one of the Caspian ports.

Following Turkestan, the second Kazakh ship BeketAta will start loading grains in the Aktau port. It will also ship 5 thsd tonnes of grains for exports.

Two first Kazakh bulk carriers with the deadweight (sum of the weight of useful load carried by the vessel) of 5 thsd tonnes each, were purchased by the subsidiary company of JSC National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy - KTZ Express in December 2013. These vessels can cover nearly 15%, or 300 thsd tonnes, of the forecasted traffic volumes of the major dry cargoes through the port of Aktau in 2014, and realizw the principle of "Kazakh cargo - Kazakh port - Kazakh fleet", stressed the press-service of JSC KTZ.


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