March 12 2014, 09:40 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1557

Fluctuations of the world economy are more sensitive to Russia than possible sanctions – A.Dvorkovich

The Government of Russia is analyzing the impact of possible sanctions imposed by the USA and the European Union in connection with the situation in Ukraine, declared Arkady Dvorkovich, Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, on March 11.

But according to the Vice -Premier, fluctuations of the world economy may provide much greater impact at Russia, compared with any sanctions. He also noted that in any case the Government of Russia intends to realize the economic policy of the country in such way to minimally depend on the political risks.

Russia works with all partners: with the EU and the American continent, and with the Asia-Pacific region. Such diversification of cooperation may guarantee rather stable operation of the economy, said the Vice Prime Minister.


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