March 13 2014, 11:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1789

EBRD stands ready to invest in development of the Ukrainian ports

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development stands ready to invest in the port industry of Ukraine, and the Bank believes that it is essential for investor confidence that Ukraine will soon launch the first concession projects.

The Bank is ready to invest at least 5 bln USD in the infrastructure projects of Ukraine over the period until 2020 as part of a coordinated international financial assistance programme in support of credible structural and macroeconomic reforms. At the same time, the Bank already faced two main problems that slow down the process of investment.

First, it is the issue of land and legal relations in the sphere. It is the real problem for banks, because real estate is defective in the form of land lot as the collateral base. It does not guarantee any credit acceleration, if something goes wrong.

The second problem includes the funds that the government should invest in development of the port infrastructure.

To date, the industry has rather great potential, but the Ministry of Infrastructure is required to determine the priorities, and the market is ready to give its full support.


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