March 14 2014, 14:20 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1736

Ministry of Economic Development of Russia is ready to discuss technological issues with the Ukrainian Ministry only

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia now is planning to cooperate with the Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade for solving technological issues only, but is not ready to discuss political questions, announced Alexsey Ulyukaev, Head of Russian Ministry, on March 12.

Alexsey Ulyukaev mentioned that he had a contact with the Minister of Economic of Ukraine of the new government. He improved that the level of legitimacy of the new government is not totally understandable, but anyhow Russia has responsibility for holding relations between Ukrainian and Russian enterprises.

He also confirmed his readiness to negotiate with Pavlo Sheremeta, the Ukrainian Minister.

Alexsey Ulyukaev added that Pavlo Sheremeta is intelligent and professional person, and he can discuss questions on technological aspect with him. But the dialogue is politically impossible as long as Russia will make sure in legitimacy of the new Ukrainian government.

The Minister also said that the conversation with P.Sheremeta was superficial and they did not discuss serious issues.


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