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Russia exported record volume of chick-pea in July-January 2013/14 MY

According to the data of customs statistics of Russia Federation, in the period of July-January 2013/14 MY Russia exported the record volume of chick-pea — 172.4 thsd tones, up 13% in comparison to the the last year rate and up 3% of the result of 2012/13 MY.

The main countries-importers of the Russian chick-pea in the stated period are Turkey and India, with the share of 59% and 22% from the total export volume of pulses respectively.

In total, during the stated period Russia exported nearly 377 thsd tonnes of  pulses, down 29% of July-January of 2012/13 MY.

Remind, that the questions about production and export of chick-pea and peas from Russia to be discussed during the Round Table «Niche cultures: production and export possibilities» (April 23, Rostov on Don), organizer is APK-Inform.

During the event there will be the representatives of various market segments: agricultural producers, processers and traiders.


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