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March 31 is deadline of the early bird fee for participation in Grain Forum - 2014

March 31 is the deadline of action of the early bird fee for participation in the Thirteenth international conference "Grain Forum-2014: new markets, challenges and opportunities" (June 16-18, Odessa, hotel "Bristol").

In the context of increased influence of the political factor on all the sphere of Ukrainian economics the grain market participants should remember as never before the condition the market will be working in the new season in, what crop to expect, where to realize it and what logistical problems the grain trading companies could face, what support to expect from the government. While working under the Conference program we are closely watching the events happening on the grain market and aim to provide the participants with the most useful and important information. Considering the current season features and the possible challenges of the next on APK-Inform announces as the key subjects of Grain Forum 2014 the following:

Grain market tendencies in 2014/15 MY (global grain market development forecast for 2014/15 MY; price trends on the raw-material markets in 2014/15 MY; PRM on the raw-material products in the Black Sea region; global freight market in season-2014/15; the Black Sea grain market impact on the global grain market; expectations of 2014/15 MY; the Black Sea grain supplies geography change on the global market, the perspective sales markets.

Ukrainian grain and by-products market: new challenges (grains production forecast in 2014/15 MY; by-products market (flour, oats): what the processors to expect in 2014/15 season, trading prospects on the global market; infrastructure features, the Ukrainian grain market work under the new conditions, the role of the state enterprises on the grain market).

Agriculture risks effective management, investments into the agrarian sector

(production and legislative risks for investors; how to low the risks in the agricultural business under the conditions of economic and political crisis)

Legislative providing of Ukrainian grain market work

If your company is not registered to participate in the Grain Forum, we invite you to join the event, and become acquainted with the detailed program of the conference, as well as fill the application form on the website, or contact the organizational committee by phone:

+380 562 320795, +7 495 7894419 (multichannel)

+380 562 321595 (ext.162), Oksana Starina

[email protected]


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