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Ukraine: hypothetical loss of the Crimea ports not to impact the Ukrainian grain exports

According to Vitaly Sabluck, the Director of the Economic development Department of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the problems with grain shipment through the Crimea ports or the loss of the possibility not to impact the Ukrainian grain exports. Thus the Crimea ports share is insignificant in the total exports. The main exporting ports are in Odessa, Illichevsk and Nikolaev, noted V.Sabluck.

Meanwhile he underlined the current high daily exports of the Ukrainian grain – 94-95 thsd tonnes up twice of the previous season rate. So the temporary blockage or even the channel loss with the specific weight of 7-10% not to impact it.

More detailed information on the infrastructure development to be presented during the session of the Thirteenth international conference "Grain Forum-2014: new markets, challenges and opportunities" (June 16-18, Odessa, hotel "Bristol").

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