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Ukrainian soybean market-2014 in Odessa

APK-Inform continues preparation works for the second international conference «Ukrainian soybean market – 2014» and focuses your attention that the meeting place for Ukrainian and world leading players of soybean market is in Odessa on June 18-19,2014.
The company "Trading House Protein-Production" Ltd. became the general sponsor of the International Conference.
Companies Buhler AG and Lumex are the sponsors of the conference «Ukrainian soybean market – 2014».
The event will be held under the support of the Ukranian association of producers and processers of soybean, the professional association «Ukroliyaprom», the Seed association of Ukraine.  
The target audience: trading companies, large producers and processors of soybeans, evaluation officers of the quality of raw materials and by-products, the main consumers of meals, experts of analytical and consulting agencies, transportation and forwarding companies, representatives of state structures.


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