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Russia: as of March 1, grain carry-over stocks increased by 11.8% – Rosstat

As of March 1, 2014, the carry-over stocks of grains in agricultural, harvesting and processing organizations of the Russian Federation totaled 22.8 mln tonnes, an increase of 2.4 mln tonnes (or up 11.8%) compared with the index on the same date in 2013, declared the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) on March 19.

The carry-over stocks of grains in agricultural organizations increased by 3 mln tonnes (up 29.6%) compared with march 1, 2013 – to 13.3 mln tonnes. The harvesting and processing organizations decreased the rate by 0.6 mln tonnes (down 6.4%) - to 9.5 mln tonnes.

In particular, wheat formed the major share of the carry-over stocks in the harvesting and processing organizations - 6.154 mln tonnes, down 7.4% compared with the same period last year (including milling wheat – 4.822 mln tonnes, down 6.9%).

Rye stocks totaled 592 thsd tonnes (including 477 thsd tonnes of milling rye), up 6.6% compared with the previous year. Barley stocks reduced to the level of 1.158 mln tonnes (down 9%), rice – 70 thsd tonnes (down 39.6%), millet – 18 thsd tonnes (down 37.5%).

At the same time, as of the reported date buckwheat stocks totaled 77 tonnes (up 4.5%), oats – 172 thsd tonnes (up 28.8%).



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