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Ukraine: The Crimea annexation by Russia to decrease shipment capacity by 17% - APK-Inform

The main loss for the Ukrainian grain market after the Crimean annexation by Russia will be port shipment capacity reduction, declared the expert of grain markets of APK-Inform Andrey Kupchenko.

The expert stated first of all the situation influences on the deep-water ports with total shipment capacity at the level of 5.4 mln tonnes annually, located on the Crimea peninsula. A.Kupchenko added that if Russia to block Kerch Strait it will isolate the terminals of Azov Sea, which provide up to 4.2 mln tonnes of shipment.

According to the expert the functional shipment capacity of the Ukrainian ports terminals to decrease by 17% - to 45.4 mln tonnes as opposed to 55 mln tonnes annually, so the grain exports potential won't be provided in full.


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