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Ukraine: grain market are to attract investments and develop infrastructure

Due to the risk to loose nearly 17% of shipment capacity (to 45.4 mln tonnes as opposed to 55 mln annually) due to the Ukrainian territorial integrity the top-priority goal of the Ukrainian grain market is be to re-establish the shipment capacities as fast as possible in order to realize the export grains potential in the current and next seasons.

There are two declared investment projects for the terminals building, which putting into operation allows to reach the shipment rates equal to the previous ones. These are the projects of the companies UkrLandFarming and Cargill for terminals building in Odessa oblast with planned stated rate at the level of 5 mln tonnes and 4.5 mln tonnes annually corresponding.

As well, in the current situation there is urgent issue about the river shipping development on Dnepr and Danube, that allows to develop the small shiploads trade with grains and oilseeds by-products. So one of the key goals of the Ukrainian market is to attract investments for the stated projects realization.

The issue of investment attraction into the Ukrainian grain market and its infrastructure will be discussed more detailed within the thirteenth international conference Grain forum-2014, to be held on June 16-18, 2014 in Odessa


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