March 20 2014, 15:33 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1038

Ukraine: costs for the planting campaign-2014 increased

According to the poll of APK-Inform most of the agrarians stated in the current season the costs for planting campaign increased by nearly 15-25%. In particular, there was significant growth of the stated rate for seed grain, crop protecting agents and also import production mineral fertilizers. The current situation was based on devaluation of the UAH.

Besides the agricultural producers informed about difficulties with fuel and lubrication materials purchasing in the first decade of March due to the holding of fuel realization by suppliers, waiting for the price increase.

Nevertheless during the poll the agrarians stated the crop planting campaign to be realized according to the plan in spite of the current situation.

The data is based on the polling of nearly 500 middle- and large-scale enterprises.


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