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Ukraine possible secession off the CIS to stop the cattle-breeding products supplies — Rosselkhoznadzor

Possible secession of Ukraine off the CIS to stop the cattle-breeding products exports to the CIS countries, and first of all to the countries of the Customs Union, declared the Head of the Federal Service for Veterinarian and Vegetation Sanitary Supervision, Sergey Dankvert on March 20, 2014.

S.Dankvert stated the secession of Ukraine from the CIS to stop the cattle-breeding products trade, because there will be the necessity to approve the new veterinary health certificates.

According to him to date Ukraine supplies the products by the simplified procedure and documents.

S.Dankvert mentioned it will be necessary to approve the veterinary health certificates for each product and with all countries of the Customs Union.

The Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor stated in 2013 the share of Ukrainian cattle-breeding products supplies totaled 496.4 mln USD of the total 1.8 bln USD. The agricultural products supplies from Russia to Ukraine reached the level of 680 mln USD, the cattle-breeding exports totaled nearly 30 mln USD.


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