March 21 2014, 15:00 Source: APK-Inform Views: 764

Ukraine: the soybean planted areas to increase owing a number of factors

According to the annual poll of agricultural producers of APK-Inform, in 2014 nearly 15% of the polled respondents plan to increase soybean planted areas by 10-30% owing the favorable price and the high demand for oilseeds of the domestic processors and export-oriented companies as well. In Ukraine in the current season they expect an increase of soybean processing fundamental capacities by 25% - to 1.6 mln tonnes. The agrarians stated the soybean planted areas increase is based on the grains insufficient sowing in 2013 and crop rotation maintenance.
    Meanwhile most of the agrarians (78%) plan to remain the soybean planted areas at the last year level, and nearly 5% of them will start the crop production only in the current year. The number of companies plan to decrease oilseed planted areas.
    Besides, according to the preliminary poll of the agrarians, the average costs for 1ha of soybean planting campaign-2014 to total nearly 3800 UAH, up 12% of the last year rate.


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