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As of March 24, Ukraine planted early spring crops throughout 1.5 mln ha - Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food

As for March 24, 2014 the Ukrainian agrarians planted early spring grains throughout the areas of 1.505 mln ha, or 50% from the plan, declared the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

In particular, barley planted areas reached 1.15 mln ha (52%), peas – 135.9 thsd ha (65%), wheat – 75.3 thsd ha (41%), oats – 129.9 thsd ha (46%).

By stated date the agrarians planted sugar-beet throughout 22 thsd ha (6%).

Besides, there was started the sunflower planting campaign in Ukraine. The agrarians planted the oilseed throughout 7.5 thsd ha (0.2%).


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