March 25 2014, 10:31 Source: APK-Inform Views: 509

Russia achieved the anti-record of barley exports

According to the statistics data, in February, 2014 Russia exported nearly 16.4 thsd tonnes of barley, the minimum rate in the recent three seasons. In particular, there was reduction by 53% and 56% compared to January 2014 and February 2013 respectively.

According to the data of APK-Inform, in February, 2014 the share of milling grain in the Russian exports totaled 98%, seeds – 2%.

In the recent 8 months of 2013/14 MY Russian exports on the foreign markets reached 1.984 mln tonnes of barley, up 1% in the same period of the previous season. According to the experts, the milling grain exports totaled 47%, fodder grain – 37%, grain for the technical purposes – 15%, malting grain – 1% and seeds – 0.02% from the total exports.



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